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Grade 3 Homeschooling Kit - Comprehensive

Product Number: A760351700136

Comprehensive Kit Includes:
Dynamic Math Gr. 3 / OR Jump Math 3.1 &  3.2 

Spectrum Writing Gr.3 OR Spectrum Language Arts Gr. 3
Skill Sharpener - Reading Gr. 3 OR Complete English Smart Gr.3 OR Canadian Daily Reading Comprehension Gr. 3
Building Spelling Skills OR Spectrum Spelling Gr.3 OR Canadian Spelling Gr.3 Or Building The Basics Spelling Gr. 3-4

Complete Science Smart Gr. 3 OR Skill Sharpener Science Gr. 3 OR Spectrum Science Gr. 3

Landforms and Water Bodies Levels 1 or 2
Canada Map Book 2, Grade 3-4 / Canada Map Book 1, Grade 2-3

Multiplier Board

Base Ten Set 
Parent Money Pack

12-sided Jumbo Dice x1






Data sheet


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