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Clearance: Art and craft 40% Off
Clearance: Science and Math educational games 25% Off
 Clearance: Preschool Educational Games and Toys 25% Off
Clearance: Board Games & Other Educational Games - 25% Off
For Ages 5-7 , 8 & up
All of our in-stock board games are on sale! Find a game for the whole family to enjoy!
Clearance: Card Games 25% Off
Ventes Françaises 60%
Ventes Françaises 40%
Novels - 60% Off
Novels - 40% Off
From fantastical adventures to award winning fiction; find a novel for any reader in this list!
Novel Study -60% Off
Novel Study -40% Off
These books and novel study resources focus on great stories that children have read and loved for years
Picture Books -60% Off
Picture Books -40% Off
With captivating stories and images these are books to read again and again!
Music & Poetry -60% Off
Music & Poetry -40% Off 
Stories with rhythm to sing and read aloud 
Graphic Novels -60% Off
Graphic Novels -40% Off
With beautiful stories and illustrations graphic novels can capture any reader's interest 
Chapter Books - 60% Off
Chapter Books - 40% Off
Chapter books for young readers; ages 7 to 9 years old
Professional Books -60% Off
Professional Books - 40% Off
From technology to inclusive classrooms; this list has guides for educators and resources for teaching a variety of curriculum topics.
Board Books - 60% Off
Board Books 40%- Off
Fun and durable books for babies and toddlers!
Character Education - 60% Off
Character Education - 40% Off
Stories with a focus on kindness, diversity, and social emotional learning 
Bargain Books -60% Off
Bargain Books -40% Off
Great deals for great books! 
Begining & Leveled Readers -60% Off
Leveled Readers - 40% Off
Leveled books for children learning to read, find a just right book for any child! 
Holidays -60% Off
Learn about cultures, people, and traditions from around the world
Adrienne Gear 40%- Off 
Adrienne Gear is an educator and author; these books have all appeared in her reading power lists!
Historic Fiction Novels - 60% Off
Travel back in time with these novels!
Classic Stories &  Fairytales - 60% Off
Books and stories which have captivated imaginations for years
 Holiday Books -40% Off
Christmas, Remebrance day, Valentines day, and more!
Clearance: Language Arts 
Clearance: Math, Social Studies, and Misc. Teaching Resources
Clearance: Science 
Clearance: Education & Activity Books -60% Off
Clerance: Parent & Teacher Resources -60% Off