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School House Teaching Supplies
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Forthcoming Titles
Fight for Power
Eric Walters
Hardcover | Jan 2015
1 on order $19.99
(releases Jan 20 2015)
5th Wave, The
Rick Yancey
Paperback | Feb 2015
1 on order $11.99
(releases Feb 10 2015)
Big Nate's Greatest Hits
Lincoln Peirce
Paperback | Jan 2015
1 on order $14.99
(releases Jan 6 2015)
TombQuest Book One
Michael Northrop
Hardcover | Feb 2015
9 on order $14.99
(releases Feb 1 2015)
Big Nate
Lincoln Peirce
Paperback | Mar 2015
1 on order $11.99
(releases Mar 17 2015)
You and Me
Susan Verde
Hardcover | Jan 2015
1 on order $16.95
(releases Jan 6 2015)
Little Miss Hug
Roger Hargreaves
Paperback | Dec 2014
1 on order $4.99
(releases Dec 30 2014)
Sky Raiders
Brandon Mull
Paperback | Jan 2015
1 on order $9.99
(releases Jan 6 2015)
Two by Two
Barbara Reid
Boardbook | Feb 2015
1 on order $9.99
(releases Feb 1 2015)
A New Friend
Poppy Green
Paperback | Jan 2015
1 on order $6.99
(releases Jan 20 2015)


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                                  Fete francaise

Join us at Fete francaise,  a bilingual children’s fair at Central Middle School, 1280 Fort Street, on Saturday from noon to 3 p.m.  The event features entertainer Charlotte Diamond, French activities for the children and a French book sale.  Enjoy lunch at L’Authentique Poutine and Burger food truck topped off with sweets from Bon Macaron Patisserie. Tickets are $5 or free for Canadian Parents for French members.

                    We look forward to seeing you there!                            


School House’s Pick of the Week:


                       Cover image for Salmon's Sky View

Are you looking for a quick but impressive art activity to complement your field trip to see the salmon?  In A Salmon’s Sky View, Carol McDougall, a local artist and educator, takes us through a salmon’s life journey seen through the eyes of the  salmon.   With only watercolours, a black permanent felt pen, a paint brush and water, all your children will be able to successfully complete a beautiful art project.  Instructions on how to do the art project are available in the book.  What a fun way to combine literature, science and art!

New Releases
The Berenstain Bears And The Love Bug
Mike Berenstain
Paperback | Nov 2014
1 in store $8.50
Star Wars Rebels
Meredith Rusu
Paperback | Dec 2014
1 in store $5.50
All Kinds of Kisses
Nancy Tafuri
Boardbook | Dec 2014
1 in store $7.99
Camp X
Eric Walters
Paperback | Dec 2014
1 in store $8.99

School House Teaching Supplies
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